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the same time providing the skills
to achieve their dreams!

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When: January 7th, 2011

Where: Eden Prairie Library (Eden Prairie, MN)
For Directions please check out the Event Calendar

Description: Poetry reading and writing with known poet Frank Sentwali, and Minnesota Viking players: Cedric Griffin, Ray Edwards, and Erin Henderson! Kids will learn how to be expressive through the art of poetry by reading, listening and creating poems.

Benefit: Kids will learn how to be expressive through the art of poetry by reading, listening and creating poems.

Poetry Slam Gallery

Poetry Slam Video

Quotes From The Event:

"It was an incredible experience.  I had a wonderful time there and hope to do it again.  It was fun how we made poems, and laughed.  This was THE best OPPORTUNITY, and I was glad to make it there." -Angel

"This was such an incredible experience for me. I would have never thought i would get this opportunity. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of this great activity. It was very fun and I think I will remember it for the rest of my life! Thanx :)" -Sam

"Your foundation has been a blessing to the students at Brooklyn Junior High, we can't thank you enough. It was a pleasure to be apart of the Spoken Word event and hear you and Frank present.  I still find myself inspired by the students' Spoken Word performance. They were amazing!"
-Giuseppe, Principal

"It was fun, exciting, and very uplifting. The poems that were performed were amazing and deep. Thank you for this opportunity, and thank you for caring about all of us." -Tamia

"Thank you for the wonderful time at Eden Park Library!  I had a fun time being there, meeting Mr. Sentwali.  Now I have the courage to talk out loud and share my ideas.  I enjoyed being there and hope to do it again!" -Angel

"Thank you so much for the opportunity of going to the poetry slam with you. I am so grateful that we were chosen to come and share our feelings I through poetry." -Jessica

"I just want to say thank you again. I am really happy that I got to go to his poetry slam. I hope our school will be working with Stand Up for kids for as long as possible." -Elizabeth

"Thank you for this special opportunity. It was very fun and a good experience for me. I liked writing the poem about life and reading it. The food was also very good. I will keep this experience with me my whole life. Hopefully I will get to go again! I never thought I would actually meet a NFL football player. THANK YOU!" -Sam

"Thank you for choosing me. I had a wonderful time...Well, once again, thank you so much! It was the best opportunity I ever had." -Aldijana