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When: January 14th, 2011

Where: Simply Jane Art Studio (Minneapolis, MN)
For directions please check out the Event Calendar

Description: Elementary painting activity at the Simply Jane Studio. Kids will have fun and learn to express themselves through the art of painting!

Benefit:Painting with young children allows us to see much more than a simple picture. If we observe with careful eyes and ears, we can gain information about each child.

Painting is a way for children to: convey ideas, express emotion, use their senses, and explore processes and outcomes. Children form many connections and ideas through painting, allowing children to be fully engaged and expressive. Painting also helps children to refine their fine motor skills. They may not know what they are feeling, but if you set them down and give them the task of expressing themselves through paint, they will find a release.

Art With Color Photo Gallery


Quotes From The Event:

"Thank you for letting me come on the field trip last Friday. I had a really fun time!" -Jordan

"Thank you for letting us go with you and explore new things. Thanks a lot. I had fun with you and I am writing you because I wanted you to know that I enjoyed the fun painting." -Antelayah

"Thank you so much for taking us to the art studio. I really like art, plus it was really fun. I can't believe I got to meet you. I hope it will happen again. Stand Up For Kids has really inspired me. Also everyone at Zanewood loves the painting that we did. Can you tell the rest of the Viking players that I'm a huge fan. I'm rooting for you guys to win your games. I hope we can do it again. Thank you." -Nadrat

"Thank you for taking us to the art studio. I had a good time. I liked the food and the art. I really had a good time panting my own poster." -Dapreesha

"I had fun panting with you. I hope you take us on a trip with you again. Thank you for the wonderful field trip. I hope you come to visit us again and I will stand UP for kids. Also the food was very good and yummy! Have a wonderful day! -Stephanie

"Thank you for taking us to the art studio. It was fun and my mom likes my picture. It was my best field trip. You are the best and I will never forget this day." -Heriberto

"Thank you for taking all of us to the art studio and I hope you come back to Zanewood. I really liked going to the art studio. It was so much fun painting and I just wanted to thank you again." -Ryan

"Thank you for taking us all to the art studio. Everyone loved the art studio and I hope we might see you next year. I really like how we made our own paintings. The food was delicious and I loved how we all made the poster of Viking's. And I just want to thank you!" -Yeng

"Thank you for bringing us to the art studio. The art studio was really fun. I like when we got to paint our pictures." -Macy

"Thank you for bringing us to the art studio. It was really fun and a nice experience. Thanks for the food. It was good. Thank you again." -Dezvious

"Thank for taking us to the painting studio. It was very fun, and I liked the drawing that was on the ceiling. The food was very good. I hope we see you next year!" -Isaiah

"Thank you for taking us to the painting studio. It was great, I had a lot of fun painting. The paintings were hanging up on the wall. The studio was kind of big. I liked all the paintings we all did. I mostly liked my painting best. I took my painting home and my parents hung it up on the wall so everybody could see it. Thank you for taking us to the painting studio." -Karolyn