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the same time providing the skills
to achieve their dreams!

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When: January 21st, 2011

Where: Way Cool Cooking School (Eden Prairie, MN) 
For directions please check out the Event Calendar

Description: A "Way Cool" cooking day at the Way Cool Cooking School. Junior High students will have fun while they learn the culinary arts of cooking!

Benefit: Cookbooks and recipes provide opportunities to practice sequencing and following directions, two items that figure prominently in standardized testing. This will give children practice with recollecting details and paraphrasing, skills needed' for reading comprehension. Cooking strengthens kids ability to plan and write in a logical order and strengthens their group skills.

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Quotes From The Event:

"Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! I really love cooking! This a once in a life time opportunity. I have a big personality and cooking helps me to express myself..." -Erin

"Thank You for this special opportunity!...and I love eating the food even more!" -Diana

"Cooking is what I do in my spare time to get things off my mind that dont have anything to do with what I'm concentrating on...Cooking for people cleanses my body from people and things who try to deny me." -Marlon